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I go a letter a few weeks ago that perpetrated itself as being from Overhead Door Company. Within this letter, there were many claims of being Overhead Door of Columbus, even though they are completely different companies and ownership.

This is the lowest of the low and I will never use River City Door for anything again. Columbus, Georgia Overhead Door is the only company I can use to maintain my corporate warranty, and these scammers almost destroyed that.

Avoid them like the plague, they pretend to spoof legit companies by duping the public with these fake letters and leaflets. It isn't right, it isn't fair and it isn't what we demand for Columbus Georgia

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Once again, Scott Ammerman and River City Doors decide to play *** games with the public. Here he is, yet again, infringing on a trademark to attempt to dupe people into purchasing from him.

He responded here, in his own words, that he wasn't the type of man who would stoop to such a low.

Look for yourselves. This lying POS is buying ads with the title being the brand name of another company.

Scott, can you sink any lower?


So.. apparently Scott Ammerman has been randomly contacting independent web professionals and accusing them of being me.

Supposedly he has contacted at least three individuals and blamed them for my reports of his poor business practices.

It's jsut another example of his poor ethics. Rather than address the accurate reports of his spoofing another business, of his spoofing google maps with fake locations, and of his repeated attempts to intimidate those around him, he instead points random fingers to try and silence honest reports.

Scott needs to realize something painfully clear, you can't intimidate those who are being honest.

It upset me to all end to find that you were harassing random individuals.

1.) it isn't slander to report the truth.

2.) Intimidation tactics only highlight your existing show of poor business ethics 3.) Accusing a random dude and a chick of being me only makes you look more absurd and disreputable


It's truly pathetic how the idiots at River City are trying to marginalize the voice of the public. I am a public individual who was duped by you jerks.

You continue to try and reduce your pathetic and ethic lacking activity by trying to blame the messenger.

I have pointed out a blatant and impractical manner of business that you used to dupe the public.

All you have done is continue the same dishonest behavior. It is just sad that you can't see how your dishonest practices are the reason for my reporting, not some invented affiliation

Columbus, Georgia, United States #817359

I love the new salesman for Overhead door of Columbus. He's awesome!!!

to Great full customer #820669

I love how the people at River City like to try and marginalize and belittle legitimate complaints of the public by trying to chock us up to being a competitor. Way to insult us further genius.

We as the public have a right to demand honesty and transparency in the public domain.

The lack of it is a completely legit public topic.


Scott, my name is Brian, your people called me a little while back after I left a message for Overhead Door. I have come to find out that it was left with Harvey Lumber under a guise.

I took screen shots of the many fake listings (and as a result of being owning a marketing agency, took it upon myself to contact all of the directories with the fake listings and inform them of the incorrect name and address.

I guess the person you pay for marketing who also claims to be named Brian is not what he claimed, but we, the consumer, deserve better than the cheap and tawdry SEO hacks he was attempting. If you didn't want the accusation to be made, perhaps you shouldn't have had your funnel (Harvey Lumber) listed on the map as "Overhead Door of Columbus Georgia"... Perhaps you should have been honest with us in the public domain.

Instead, you used someone to dupe us into going to your business when we were pursuing another.

I find it most insulting that you then respond last night with a fake "fellow citizen" comment in an attempt to discredit a painfully obvious funnel you guys were running on the public.

It's sad enough that you did it to begin with. It's very sad that you then try to defend such actions.. It is saddest that you continue to debate this (ie..

where your marketing guy is a ***) when commenting more and more will only push this up in the search engines.

Learn your lesson and let it go, otherwise, you only make this absurd marketing ploy more visible to the world.

If I, as a member of the populous can see this happening, it is probably painfully obvious to your local contemporaries. The public deserves more honest advertisement from businesses here in Columbus Ga

Columbus, Georgia, United States #817140

My name is Scott Ammerman and I am the owner of River City Door Company located in the Columbus, GA area. We have proudly served the area since 1997 and grown our company through Quality products, timely service and excellent customer service.

We have stood by our products and have always honored our word. The report that we are mis-representing ourselves is blatantly false. The facts are we did purchase the assets of the overhead door division of Harvey Lumber Company. We did send a letter to many of Harvey’s customers stating that we would be glad to service their door needs in the future and that we service all brands of doors.

There was nothing in the letter that stated we were “Overhead Door of Columbus”. In fact the letter was written on River City Door Company letter head and our company logo was clearly visible on the envelope. We answer our phones River City Door and clearly tell people that we do not represent Overhead door when asked. I am proud of the industry leading suppliers we represent and will be glad to share the positive attributes of the products and services we provide.

River City Door is happy to service Harvey’s customers and take pride that a company that was in the business for over twenty five years chose River City Door Company to refer previous customers to our company versus other competitors including the new company representing the brand doors they used to sell.

Harvey even uses us to service the doors they have on their facility.

What River City Door Company has never done is smear the names of our competitors. Companies that resort to this kind of negative campaigns, prove they have nothing positive to say about their products and services. It is interesting to us that the person filing this report contacted the manufacturer to find out the details listed but was not able to get the name of the current distributor and they had to research this themselves. My suppliers would have given this information first.

I question this reviewers motivations, but you make your own conclusions.

to Anonymous #819876

Keep it classy River City Doors...slandering will get the haters nowhere.

to Anonymous #820662

So.. pooling lots of fake accounts together to combat legitimate concerns of the public isn't slander?

You guys are too predictable and the bottom rung of the market. Addressing as fake personas when it is obvious that the same person is responding each time is more than pathetic.


That's funny, I got apparently the same letter. However, you must not be able to read.

The letter in no way or shape made those claims you are referring to. Matter of fact, we purchased a door from them and they were very professional.

I think they have been in business for a very long time. Sounds like you are very

informed or just maybe you are a bitter competitor.

to just working for a living #816915

Wow.. Do a fellow consumer is ok with fake mailers and fliers?

Smells like the company is already trying to discredit the voice of the consumer. And no competitor, I talked with your company last week.. you know, when you called me back from Harvey Lumber when I let them word that I needed to contact Overhead Door.

I doubt you have any competitors with such a shady work ethic. My husband and I were pretty suspicious when leaving our information to begin with, and now we are even more sure that you guys are nothing but a scam...

You jerks almost cost me my warranty

to reportingfakes #819873

I have been dealing with River City Doors for years and have never had anything but excellent quality and great service. They are also always willing to support the local community. Keep up the great work River City and thanks for all you do for our community!

to Anonymous #820663

Of course you've been dealing with them for years. Employment works that way..

God this is pathetic

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